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Places to visit in Puri


50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and around Puri


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Places to visit in Puri – As name suggests this website contains a list of 50 Best tourist places to visit in Puri and categorize them according to their importance. In your visit you should try to cover up all visiting places in Puri and sightseeing in Puri.

Puri is famous for Lord Shree Jagannath temple, Golden beach and Konark temple with other 47 places to visit in Puri which attracts countless domestic and international tourists every year towards Puri.

Shree Jagannath is the lord of the mass and god of universe

Jagannath Swami Nayana-Patha-Gami Bhabatume

Shri jagannath ashtakam-Lyrics in hindi

Shree Jagannath is the lord of the mass and god of universe is the supreme solace, considered as non-sectarian deity. The lord “belongs to all and none” is the philosophy of Lord Shree Jagannath.

The Jagannath culture is a synthesis of tribal, Aryan, non-Aryan thought, belief and worship inclusive of essence of Buddhism, Jainism and other world religions.

Part of Jagannath culture is dance, song, music, art, architecture,  sculpture and literature. It is also known as the spiritualism of highest order.  

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List of all places to visit in Puri

Top 15 Places in Puri you must visit:
1- Jagannath Temple
2- Golden Beach Puri
3- Konark Sun Temple
4- Ramachandi Temple
5- Chandrabhaga Sea Beach
6- Gundicha Temple
7- Mausi Maa Temple
8- Shree Lokanath Temple
9- Swargadwar (Door to Heaven)
10- Narendra Tank
11- Markandeswar Tank
12- Shri Gaur Bihar Ashram (Mata Matha)
13- Bata Mangala Temple
14- Indradyumna Tank
15- Sakhigopal Temple
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Above 15 Puri visit places you must visit in your tour plan of Puri. Along with those places you also plan for other 35 best places to visit in Puri. Refer tour planner for your best possible plan to cover all tourist places in Puri.

Among all Puri places to visit or a place to visit Puri, another important ocular visiting place in Puri is Golden Beach which is very nearer to this world famous Shree Jagannath Temple just 1.5kms from here southward. Its long spread plan and sand dunes are very unique in nature unlike other beaches through out the world. It is very glamorous, enchanting and bewildering sightful to a visitors.

Visiting places in Puri | Puri places to visit

No matter you may be a lover of nature or passionate about visiting tourist places, any place to visit Puri or Puri is the best place to visit for its sightseeing in Puri. When we are planning for places to visit in Orissa we should plan for Puri touring places.

When we think about a place to visit Puri, this small town is not only famous for Jagannath Temple, Sea beach and Konark Temple but also famous for Puri sightseeing. Puri is also a best picnic spot. Ramachandi and near by places are best picnic spot for tourists/visitors as well as for local people.

In this website we listed all tourist places in Puri and described why they are famous, also given here all the best Puri pictures for sightseeing in Puri.

50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and around Puri – Best Puri pictures

Place to visit Puri | Tourist places in Puri – A best place for Orissa tourists

Puri is considerd as one of the best tourist places in Orissa. This website places all the best Puri pictures for your quick reference and this will also help all Puri tourists to gather a brief idea about all 50 Puri places to visit in and around Puri.

Why one should plan for tourist places in Puri

1- Weather Condition: Very clear weather, and due to Tropical climate, average max Temperature in Summer – 36°C and average max temperature in Winter 26°C which indicates a very suitable climate of a tourists’ destination.

2- Communication System: Well maintained 4-laned traffic free NH connected from Bhubaneswar to Puri.

Bus: Approximate time taken is 1.15min to travel from Bhubaneswar to Puri by Taxi, 1.30min by Govt City-Bus and 2hrs in Private Bus.

Airport: Nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport it is located in Bhubaneswar.

Train: Multiple trains are running from Bhubaneswar to Puri. This journey takes approx 1.30hrs in express and 2hrs in passenger trains.

3- Point of attraction: Jagannath Temple, Sea beach, Konark Temple along with other places and spectacular views around.

4- Food: Rice is the principal food here. However other foods are easily available in hotels and restaurants.

5- Hotels and Restaurants: As a tourist spot many small and big hotels are available here. you can get easily a hotel with affordable price.

Buy gifts for your friends and relatives as a part of your evening shopping to make your visit memorable. Also share your experience among your near and dear.

50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and around Puri – Best Puri pictures

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