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Alarnath Temple


Alarnath Temple -17/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and around Puri

Alarnath temple Puri is located at Brahmagiri Odisha, 20KM from Puri and 80KM from Bhubaneswar. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and famous for visit during Anavasara time. It is also believed that pilgrims can complete their darshan by visiting Alarnath this temple, those who can not worship to lord Jagannath during Anavasara time.

Story Behind Alarnath temple

It is also said that Sri Prabhu Chaitanya visualized Lord Jagannath in Alarnath at this temple. History says that Sri Prabhu Chaitanya Dev was visiting to Jagannath temple everyday to make darshan of Lord Jagannath. During Anavasara he was not able to see Jagannath as he is suffering from fever.

Sri Prabhu Chaitanya told that if he would not get to see Him today then he will commit suicide in the Ocean, this time Lord Jagannath Himself told to Sri Prabhu Chaitanya, I am doing a ‘leela’ in the form of Alarnath in Brahmagiri, now you come to this place to have My Darshan. Since then the place has become popular as the temporary abode of Lord Jagannath during Anavasara.

Distance From Puri -25KM
How to Reach – Taxi/Bus/Auto
Dedicated To – Alarnath
Visiting Hours – 6AM to 9PM
Opening Days – All days
Nearest Railway Station – Puri (20KM)
Nearest Airport – Bhubaneswar (80KM)
Famous for – Kheeri Bhogo (During Anavasara time)

During Anavasara, thousands of devotees visit this temple to make darshan of Lord Alarnath for get blessings and to test famous kheeri every year.

Anavasara of Lord Jagannath

Anavasara is the two weeks, when Lord Jagannatha take rest in isolation from the rest of the world after suffering from fever due to SnanaYatra (the annual bathing festival).

Deity of Sri Prabhu Chaitanya is also found inside the temple with deities of Lord Krishna’s queens Rukmini and Satyabhama. There is a stone slab in front of the deity which bears impressions of Sri prabhu Chaitanya’s body. When Sri prabhu Chaitanya first lay in with full of respect in front of Lord Alarnath, the stone below him melted with His blissful touch.

Story Behind the Kheeri Bhogo

There is a beautiful story about the Kheeri bhogo. One day main prist of the temple went out from his house and gave responsible to his child son to complete daily Puja. His son offered puja and hot Kheeri with devotion. He requested to accept Puja and Kheeri to Lord Alarnath as he dont know to to offer puja and his father is also absent today. The lord came out and dipped his fingers in hurry to take pleasure of the kheer and his upper right hand’s fingers got burn. Burnt fingers of Lord Alarnath are also clearly visible.

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Alarnath temple darshan timings | Alarnath temple Puri timings

Visiting Hours – 6AM to 9PM. Bhogo offerd to god – Baal Bhogo, Khidhudi, Kheeri and Pitha. Specialy during Anavasara time, Kheeri Bhogo offered to lord Alarnath (Vishnu)

Puri to Alarnath temple road map | Alarnath temple rout map | How to reach Alarnath temple from Puri

When we planing for visit to Alarnath temple, we may start journey from Bhubaneswar or from Puri. When we start journey form Bhubaneswar first we have to go Puri and from Puri to Alarnath temple. We can reach to this temple by Taxi, Bus or Auto. However Taxi or Auto is the best choice to reach this temple. By road distance from Puri to Alarnath temple is 20KM.

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  1. Dr. Bijoy Das Dr. Bijoy Das October 19, 2022

    I visited Alarnath after Ratha Yatra and loved every moment of it
    I have also seen the body print of Lord Gouranga and the Anant Basudeb temple. Very stunning indeed.

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