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Bata Mahaveer Temple


Bata Mahaveer Temple – 25/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Bata Mahaveer Temple of Sakhigopal is a newly flourished temple which emerged just two decades back. As to location, this temple lies towards the westward of National Highway quite adjacent to this main road near Satyabadi Block Chhak just the end portion of Sakhigopal Fly over bridge.

Bata Mahaveer Temple
Bata Mahaveer Temple

Bata Mahaveer is fully visible to all the passers by either by bus, taxi or bike. The idol of Bata Mahaveer is made of stone which is about 8ft to 9ft high with a standing posture, quite an East facing shrine.

There is a medium tank with bathing ghat back side of the temple. Devotes comes to this temple offer puja and pray this Mahaveer. Since this place is solitary, calm and quite local people preferred to have picnic hare.

Fair and Festival

According to mythology the only Mahaveer, the great devotee of Marjyada Purusho Sri Rama Chandra Dev is an ever living God on earth who commits no death.

Hence people are quite enthusiastic to worship him with the forty lined hymn when they face any worldly crisis.

That is why every customary has been introduced here through out the year. The great fair of the lord is Pana Sankranti in the month of April each year starting from “Jagnya” up to cultural night are being celebrated here.

Thousands of devotees and donors come to behold this program. However this is a beautiful place within the previews of sight seeing in Puri.

This place is considered as second Siruli Mahaveer since a burning flame contained his bid had brought from here when established.

Bata Mahaveer Temple – 25/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

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