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Dasia Bauri Pitha


Dasia Bauri Pitha – 28/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Dasia Bauri Pitha – The routes from Bhubaneswar to Puri, Konark to Puri and Bhubaneswar to Konark and their nearby sight seeing places in Puri called “Golden Triangle” in Odisha Tourism map. Among those places Bhakta Dasia Bauri Pitha is an worthiest “Visiting place in Puri” which has got well association with Sri Jagannath Cult.

Any one can easily visit to that spot. It is 34kms away from Bhubaneswar towards Puri Direction on NH 316. Quite close to the National Highway there lies a gate West word after passing Pipli Applique Centre and Mangalpur, which meant for Bhakta Dasia Bauri whose noble birth happened on the soil of Baligaon, the village 3kms away from NH 316 and belongs to Pipli Block and Constituency also of Puri District.

Facts about Dasia Bauri Pitha:
Distance from Puri – 33KM
Distance from Bhubaneswar – 34KM
Time required
– 45Min
How to Reach – Taxi/Cab
Famous For – Dasia Bauri (devotees of Lord Sri Jagannath)

About Dasia Bauri

Bhakta or the great devotee Dasia Bauri was one among the close devotees of Lord Sri Jagannath Puri. Through he had taken birth in an untouchable community i.e scheduled caste whose profession was coconut plucking from land lords gardens on daily wages basis as a laborer.

Dasia Bauri Pitha
Dasia Bauri Pitha

Once he was inspired by the call of Sri Jagannath to visit ‘Him’ at Puri on Car Festival. He reached Srikshetra Dham with green coconut to offer the God. Since was an untouchable, he cannot take other home-prepared gifts for offering the God.

At that period of time racialism was prevailing in the society Puri. Brahimins and Pundits were maintaining high austerity. Harizans were not allowed to enter to the temples of Hindus. This restriction was at its apex then.

Due to this discrimination being Hindu untouchable Dasia had to maintain distance from ritualistic and worship. But Dasia Bauri had a great passion and obeisance to visit the lord on chariot from a very close distance.

However, on his difficult journey on foot all the while he contemplated how to arrive at Badadanda and have a close look to his heart full God.

At last he became successful to be present himself on Badadanda ( the Grand Road, Puri) where the Car Festival (Ratha Yatra) was being celebrated. The four idols (Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan) had been athroned.

He again and again commemorated Lord Jagannath singing his glory but to his utter surprise Lord Jagannath spreading his closed hands begged Dasia the green coconut and took away from his hands with great adoration. While praying with folded hands with great devotion, this happened in the presence of lakhs of devotees through out world gathering there.

After this incident Dasia started up inquired his hands empty. No green coconut was there within his hands. Lord Jagannath looked smiling. Dasia felt a celestial feeling of love admiring the Lord he proceeded further.

Spiritualism Feeling within Dasia Bauri

Dasia was so thankful to Lord of Universe which was an experience. He thought that he was a miniature, purely rustic and rural folk having no importance but how could God grace on him was a miracle. Soon he bowed down with admiration and prayed the god with delightful heart. He narrated the things to his friends and ultimately the news spread every where.

On his return home from Srikhetra he was fully blessed and dreamt Sri Jagannath Several times. Lord Jagannath tells him frankly what to do through dreams. Since then he became a close devotee of the Lord.

His transformation from a common man untouchable to the most uncommon man, the foremost servitor is now -a-days been a great legend which reflects in Bhajan, Janana, Kirtan (the adoration songs) of Lord Jagannath, Simultaneously, it is heard and believed that Dasia Bauri sees Lord Jagannath’s lotus face in floating greenly leafs in the watered-rice he was to take daily. Since then he has been purely dedicated him self for Lord Jagannath, within his life span. Up to his death he was truly talking with Lord Jagannath.

Dasia Bauri Pitha – 28/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Importance of The Spot

Any one who is believed of Sanatan Religion of Sri Jagannath cult must have to visit the birth place of Dasia Bauri as a token of loving Hinduism. It has been proved that Gid is omniscient. He lodes every thing without any physical shape as omni present and rule out everybody as omnipotent. The tomb of Dasia Bauri no doubt bears this.

Every impossible can be made possible in God’s grace. Inner devotion and insight look plays a vital role to be nearer the God. That is the sole theme of renunciation found with austerity within Dasia to become an elite on earth. Hence this place has been evolved as a sacred tourist place in Puri.

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