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Konark Temple the symbol of best tourism in Odisha


Konark Temple – 3/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Konark temple popularly known as Konark temple or Konark Mandir. This temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located at Konark in Puri Odisha, a state of India. Konark is also known as Arka Khetra. “Arka” means “Sun” and “Khetra” means “place”. As name suggests this temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Sun (Surya). It is one among the Best Tourist places to visit in Puri.

About the Temple

The self explanatory name “Konark” is the place of “Sun God“. It has been derived from two words i.e. “Kona” & “Arka” which means an angular place where the sun casts his direct rays, the entire day in all seasons. During monarchy in Odisha King Langula Narasingha Dev had built this temple with 12 hundred architecture in and around his empires.

Konark Sun Temple History
Dedicate to – Sun God
Built in – 13th century CE
Built by – King Narasimhadeva I
Dynasty – Eastern Ganga (between 1238-1250 CE)
Artisans Employed – 1200
Time Taken – 12 years (1243-1255 A.D.)

Konark Surya Mandir is symbol of India’s heritage and a eminent tourists attraction place. Though ruined, still the needle work sculpture of the temple envisage the glory of that land multifarious. The temple while building is said to be a chariot shaped temple which was intended for movement of “Sun God” in all directions.

Though the main temple along with the “Mukhasala” have been ruined and destroyed still it is a magnificent sculpture that erects as a famous tourist place not in Odisha and India but through out the world. Lakhs of tourists from each corner of the world come here to witness the scenic and sublime beauty of the land within their bare eyes and enjoy directly up to their hearts content.

The ” Natya Mandap” which has also been destroyed portrays various Odishi dancers figures in various moving postures. The moderate surrounding is so attractive and environment mild. Whoever will pace there, must be bewildered with the scenic beauty of the land, no doubt. The enchantment the place provides is beyond imagination.

The temple is a huge monument and a renowned and historical heritage that attracts tourists, anthropologist and archaeological scholars from far and wide distances. This has been considered as the prima-facie of Odisha tourism. The emblem of the great Konark wheel symbolizes the best of Odisha tourism. It is renamed as “Black Pagoda” in Indian history. The name of Konark has been placed in the Book of “Seven Great Wonders” of the world is our pride and passion.

Miraculous Facts of The Konark Sun Temple

From the sunrise up to sunset no shadow of the temple is visible is a miracle. The first rays of the sun fall on the entrance of the temple and three images of the Sun God at three different sides of the temple, positioned in such a direction that they catch the rays of the sun at morning, noon and evening.

It is said that there was a great magnet on the top summit of the temple in the past. It attracted the flying objects, aeroplane and breaking in to pieces then. When Britishers ruled over India came to learn about this miraculous object and took away. However this sculptural temple has been invaded by Moghul emperors several times in the past. One among the destroyers of the temple is Kalapahada as per legendary. He had an anti-Hindu feeling, who intended to spoil the Hindu monuments for ever.

Facts About Konark Sun Temple | Konark Sun Temple Facts

Konark Sun Temple Best Time to Visit
Konark Sun Temple Timings – 6AM to 8PM
Opening Days – All days
How to Reach – Start travel form Bhubaneswar/Puri
Distance – Bhubaneswar (60KM) / Puri (35KM)
How to Travel – By trains, buses and taxis (Bhubaneswar to Puri)
From Bhubaneswar/Puri – Cab/Taxi is the best option
Nearest Bus stand – Konark Bus stand (6min to reach Konark temple)
( You can board by bus from Bhubaneswar and Puri)
Nearest Railway Station – Puri (No direct train is available to Konark, Puri is the nearest)
Konark Sun Temple
Konark Sun Temple

This type of chariot-model temple pulled by horses are found no where else in the world. This monument best demonstrates the powerful art and wonderful architecture of our forefathers’ portrays the social, political and religious strength and vitality of the then society. People were laborious disciplined and respectful, honest and obedient towards the rulers. Otherwise such a wonderful monument could not be possible. They could build such a serene sublime and scenic monument for ever.

How to reach Konark

The Konark Sun temple is 60kms from state capital Bhubaneswar, Odisha and 35kms from Puri town. It takes approximate 2hrs form Bhubaneswar and 30m from Puri.

You can travel to Konark by train, bus and taxi but no direct train is available to Konark. Bus service is available form Bhubaneswar and Puri also. In case of of taxi/cab you can book from Bhubaneswar and Puri. How ever booking a Cab/Taxi is the best option.

Best Way to Reach Konark

Train: If your planing fro train, Book ticket for Puri. From Puri you may prefer a Bus/Cab to Konark temple.
Bus: Direct bus is available from Bhubaneswar (Kalpana bus stop) to Konark. If your planing from Puri, then take a bus from Puri Bus stand to Konark.
Cab: Booking a Taxi/Cab is the best option to reach Konark form Bhubaneswar(60KM) or Puri (35KM).

Best Way to Reach Konark :
1- Pipili Bypass
2- Puri-Konark bypass (From Malatipatpur Bus Stand which is 8KM before Puri town)
3- From Puri town

If you are planning only for Konark from Bhubaneswar or traveling out from Puri to Konark, then you can reach to Konark temple without entering to Puri main town. For that take Puri-Konark bypass (turn to left after 50meter crossing the Malatipatpur Bus stand which is 8KM before Puri) on the way to Puri. This is the best option out of the all options. Here you may face few road breakers still this is the best way to reach Konark.

Initiative for Restoration of The Temple

Now-a-days the Archaeology Dept. of Govt of India has taken initiative for restoration of the broken temple. On the contrary, the bronze idols of Surya Narayan and Chandra Narayan has been worshiped within the premises of the Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri. Now visiting Konark temple is universalized, so that people from all religions , sex, creed and community irrespective
of restriction have been good access to the temple, though it belonged to Hindus only in the past.

Both the central Govt. and State Govt. are now focusing on the beautification of the place. More Hotels, Holiday Homes, Pantha Nivas and inns have been constructed for the visitors, tourists and pilgrims. Throughout the year “Magha Saptami mela“, “Samba Dasami“, “Konark festival” are famous for huge throng gathering. Just a few decades a go “Konark Dance Festival” during the
1st week of the December is being organized with the sponsorship of Tourist Dept. Govt of Odisha.

Konark Sun Temple Images | Konark Temple Images

Vehicle Parking at Konark

Parking is the biggest problem for the new visitors at tourist places. Many visitors don’t know where to park and how to reach from the parking place to the destination. However at Konark there is a well developed parking lot made by IndianOil foundation where restaurant and wash room also facilitated for the travelers. From the parking lot beautifully landscaped main avenue leading to the Sun Temple where one can easily walk to Konark temple.

Ticket Booking | Entry Fee

Visitors have to pay entry fee for entry to the Konark Sun Temple. Tickets are available offline as well as online. There is a ticket counter located near by the temple for booking ticket. According to the Govt. of India Archaeological Survey of India office notice “Tourists may avail tickets by online from discount prices on sites,,, entry fee at Sun Temple, Konark of Rs. 35/- for citizen of India, BIMSTIC, SAARC and Rs. 550/- for Foreigners”.

Arka Khetra – State-of-the-Art Interpretation Centre

IndianOil foundation developed a “State-of-the-Art Interpretation Centre” named as “Arka Khetra” near to Konark temple. Below are the features of Arka Khetra what visitors enjoy here along with art and architecture of the Sun temple.

  • Fully Air-Conditioned Exhibition Galleries
  • Audio-Visual Auditorium
  • Film on history of the Sun Temple, Konark
  • Modern Air Conditioned Cafeteria
  • Modern Public Conveniences
  • Beautifully landscaped Main Avenue leading to the Sun Temple

Shopping at Konark

Konark Sea Beach

The surrounding here is best for picnic. Most of the visitors came here for picnic also. Since Konark is situated near the Bay of Bengal the beach is known as “Chandra Bhaga“. It is a religious place and famous for scenic beauty.

The solitary beach along with greeny flora and funa are still enchanting the tourists as well as pilgrims. The sunrise and sunset here are very much hilarious. That’s why all the tourists coming to Puri prefer to visit Konark and Chandrabhaga.

Every year international surfing festival is celebrated at Chandrabhaga sea beach. As far as pilgrimage is concerned, every year many people gather here in the month of November to offer water to the Lord Sun during sunrise.

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3- Gundicha Temple
4- Ramachandi Temple
5- Chandrabhaga Sea Beach
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Konark Sun Temple Light and Sound Show

Another attraction for the visitors is Konark sun temple light and sound show which is a 40min show. The show is in Odia, Hindi and English. This is organized by India Tourism Development
Corporation (ITDC), which executed the Konark project funded by the state government.

In this event audience will be provided wireless headphones to experience the high quality audio. Konark sun temple light show timings is 7PM to 8PM. This show are conducting daily except bad weather. Ticket price is Rs 30 for domestic visitor and Rs 500 for every foreigners.

Visitors can also take benefits of OTDC ( Orissa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd ) packages and can book Exotic packages online.

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