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Markandeswar Tank


Markandeswar Tank – 11/50 Best places in Puri to visit (2022) | Visit in and around Puri

Markandeswar Tank is the first pilgrimage located in Puri among all five pilgrimage of Srikshetra.
Locally Markandeya is the one of the Tirtha among Panch Tirtha present in Puri. Panch Tirtha means sacred bath. These five tanks are considered as holy tanks and Hindus considered it essential to bath in the Panch Tirtha to complete a pilgrimage.

Facts About Markandeswar Tank :

Famous For: First pilgrimage among five present in Puri
Panch Tirtha : Indradyumana Tank, Rohini Kunda,
Markandeya Tank, Swetaganga Tank and The Sea
Temples Present: Markandeya and Saptamatruka
How to Reach: Taxi/Cab
Visiting Hours – 6AM to 8PM
Opening Days – All days

Temple Present : Shree Markandeswar and Saptama

Markandeya Tirtha:
This ancent tank with as Yajna vedi in its middle is the oldest among the panch tirthas of Srikshetr. Piligrims preform sradh, tarpan, last rits for the dead, distribute alms and donate to poor to earn punya. During Durga pooja many devotees create lingas in sand and worshipe. The Daita servitors after performing the body changing ritual of the lord Jagannath used to bath in this tank to purify them.

Saptamatruka Heritage site:
This temple is a unique testimony of Odishan tantric pratice then prevalent in the country. According to Madala panji (chronicle maintained by the temple) King Bhimakeshari of Keshari denasty had establlished the seven siblings holding babies in their lap excent Chamunda thus it is called Saptamatruka (seven mothers) temple. Apart from these Shiva is seen holding Parbati and Ganesh in his lap.

Markandeswar Tank – 11/50 Best places in Puri to visit (2022) | Visit in and around Puri – Best Puri pictures

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