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Nrusingh Temple


Nrusingh Temple – 30/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Nrusingh Temple – According to local people this temple is well known with other names like Abhaya Nrusingha Temple, Chakra Nrusingha and Laxmi Nrusingha. This temple is famous as a pilgrim center along with all tourist places of Puri.

Nrusingha Temple is located on the right side of Chakratirtha Road and in front of Bedi Hanuman Temple. According to Puranas the Nrusingha Temple is considered as the paternal home of Mahalaxmi.

Facts of The Temple

Location of The Temple – Chakratirtha Road (CT Road)
Distance from Jagannath Temple – 5KM
Distance from Sea Beach – 3km
How to Reach – Cab/Taxi
Famous Festival
– Narasimha Janma
Near By TempleBedi Hanuman Temple, Sonar Gauranga Temple

About the Temple

Close to Chakratirth a small temple of lord Nrusingh is situated. The images of Abhaya Nrusingh, Chakranrusingh and Laxmi Mrusingh is witnessed in the sanctum sanctorum of the templeand were worshiped.

Of the ten separate schools of Nrusingh worshiped in the country in a rare instance there are worshiped at one temple on one simhasan here in Puri. Legendary king Indradyumna had established this temple.

According to scholars the Laxmi-Nrusingh worshiped also represents Durga-Madhav worship. According to Puranas the temple is considered as the paternal home of Mahalaxmi.

The presiding deities of the temple are Lord Nrusingha known as Abhaya Nrusingha, Chakra Nrusingha and Laxmi Nrusingha. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar have also found in the forms of Chakra Nrusingha, Laxmi Nrusingha and Abhaya Nrusingha respectively.

Abhaya Nrusingha represents Sri Balabhadra, Chakra Nrusingha represents Goddess Subhadra and the Laxmi Nrusingha represents Lord Jagannath.

Legend of the Temple

According to legend ‘Daru’ (log of wood for the creation of deities of Lord Jagannath during Navakalebar) touched at Chakratirtha sea beach coming through the sea. Chakratirtha also known as the abode of Goddess Mahalaxmi’s father is situated here.


Narasimha Janma is an annual festival of Chakra Narayana Temple observed here with great devotion. Every year the Agnyamala from Lord Jagannath comes to this temple during this festival.

Nrusingh Temple – 30/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2021) | Visit in and Around Puri

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