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Puri Sea Beach, the best sea beach in India


Puri Sea Beach – 2/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Puri sea beach is the Golden beach because it is the home of golden sands. Attraction of Puri beach is the sky in radiant colors and roaring waves.

Puri sea beach is a best place to visit in Puri for its long sandy beach, home of golden sands and also famous for soothing sun-bath. See best Images, Video and Review. Other attraction is colorful sunrise and sunset overlooking the Bay of Bengal. In summer you can feel amazing sea breeze at Puri sea beach.

Shree Jagannath temple along with Golden beach and 50 other best tourist places in Puri made Puri a tourist spot in India.

How to Reach Sea Beach at Puri

1- Distance from Railway Station – 2km (Station road)
2- Distance from Bus stand – 3km (VIP Road)
3- Distance From Jagannath Temple – 2km
4- Nearest airport Bhubaneswar (62km)
5- How to Reach – Taxi and Bus
6- Nearest Police station – Sea beach police station

About Sea Beach of Puri

Specially the sunrise and the sunset are very marvelous at the Puri beaches. Thousands tourists come here daily to take bath in the sea and get the thrill-some experience. Foreigners prefer calm and quiet Chakratirtha Road, Beach near Sonar Gouranga Temple to take sun bath, water sports, body massage, therapy & spa and swimming.

During November and December they do come in large numbers. There are lovely restaurants and luxurious hotels in the C.T Road for their Staying. It is found that foreigners are very much enthusiastic to mix up with the fishermen families of the slum.

Here is a large slum of fishermen called Penthakatta. All the while they extract maximum pleasure and joy to have a stay in Puri C.T Road.

Puri Beach is located at a distance of 2km from Jagannath Temple and also same distance from railway station. Biju Patnaik International Airport Bhubaneswar is the Nearest airport which is 60 km away from Puri. Train, City Bus (Govt-AC), Private Bus and Taxis (Private) are available for local transportation. However OLA and Uber service are not available from Puri to Bhubaneswar.

Sea beach of Puri is the best beach in India. Out of all other beaches in India sea beach at Puri is considered as low risk and safe for bathing. Click on Golden Beach of Puri YouTube video to watch more video.

Safe Bath in Golden beach

Tourism department and Govt. of Odisha is claiming that Golden beach Puri is secure for swimming of the tourists. High tide and undercurrent are very rare in Puri sea beach so bathing at sea beach in Puri is safer as compared to other beached in India. However high tides occur only during full moon day.

Still bathing in the sea should be done carefully. Life Guards are employed to save the lives of tourists. Don’t cross the restricted area, don’t take alcohol and also don’t go to deep sea while bathing and swimming.

1- Don’t cross the restricted area
2- Don’t take alcohol
3- Don’t go to deep sea
4- Careful while swimming during the nights of full moon
5- Follow the instructions of the life Guards engaged at beach if required
6- Report at sea beach police station immediately if any miss happen occurs

Puri Sea Beach Images | Puri Beach Images

As one among the Best places to visit in Puri, Golden beach Puri is consider as secure beach for swimming of tourists. Follow the instructions of the life Guards engaged at beach if required while bathing. Also ask for their assistance if needed. Report at sea beach police station immediately if any miss happen occurs.

For changing after sea bath a common clean paid bath complex is available at sea beach with affordable price. You may access that one, take a fresh bath and and move towards your next plan. After sea bath have your food and plan for enjoy at sea beach park and evening shopping at beach.

Activity at Puri Sea Beach

Sea beach at Puri is clean and weather is very pleasant. One can enjoy camel ride, horse ride, evening shopping and sea food along with sea bathing at sea beach of Puri.

Light House Puri

Tube swimming in deep sea with private life guards will give you a thrilling experience here. Kids can play with their toys at long sandy beach. Many travelers enjoy amazing sunrise and the sunset while sit back on the sea beach of beach.

Some visitors are interested enough to watch the activity of local fisherman like how they catches fish, mending their nets, coming back from deep sea and pulling their ship to sea bank.

Puri Sea Beach Lighthouse
Location – Baliapanda
How To Reach – Taxi
Distance form Swargadwar – 1km
Puri Lighthouse Timing – 4 pm to 6 pm

There is a lighthouse at Baliapanda Puri. If you want to get a spectacular view of the sea, you can see from the lighthouse which remains open from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Best after bath plane at sea beach of Puri | Sea beach at Puri

ParkGandhi park at sea beach Puri
Food – Avoid foods that open to air
Shopping – Evening shopping at beach
Shopping Items – Handicrafts which include decorative mirrors and other works with conch shell (Sankha), baskets and decorative trays, Pattachitra, canopies, awnings and stone bowls and plates, stone statues, soapstone statuettes, silver filigrees and horn work .

Take a safe bath in sea beach at Puri, have fun and Don’t forget to capture best moments spend in Puri golden beach, buy gifts for your friends and relatives as part of your evening shopping.

As a part of “Swachh Bharat Mission” help to make sea beach in Puri clean and plastic free by not using plastic bottle, polythene etc also use the dust been when needed. Throwing plastic bottle, polythene etc led to the global warming as well as draw a bad image of the beach. Lets make Puri a Swachh Iconic Place.

Other Sea beaches along with golden beach Puri you might like

Other sea beach in Puri:
1- Swarga Dwar Beach – Part of sea beach at Puri
2- Chandra Bhaga Beach – On the way to Konark Temple ( Marine drive road Puri )
3- Ramchandi Beach– At Ramchandi Temple
4- Balighai Beach – On the way to Konark

Anyway, more scholars are on research work to explore the mysteries unfolding through their thesis regarding the great legendary of Lord Sri Jagannath temple, Puri and Golden Sea Beach in Puri. It is impossible however to disclose all the facts relating to Puri and its origin. Here is just a glimpse of practical feeling adding to the whole discourse of Puri.

Sea Beach Puri Hotel | Sea Beach Hotel in Puri

There are many luxurious sea facing hotels in Puri including lovely restaurants and lodgings are also located for travelers. Visitors can plan there stay here for enjoy the whole trip. You can find easily hotels in Puri near sea beach with lowest rates.

Puri sea beach hotels and hotel near Puri beach are best for nature lovers to enjoy beautiful sunrise and the sunset at sea beach. Many visitors prefer hotels in Puri near Swargadwar sea beach.

Many websites are providing online service like booking cheap hotels in Puri near sea beach with rates and Puri beach side hotel.

You can also plane for other 50 Best places to visit in Puri along with sea beach at Puri/Sea Beach in Puri/Golden Beach Puri while visiting in and around Puri.

Other best places you might like:
1- Jagannath Temple
2- Sonar Gauranga Temple
3- Konark Sun Temple
4- Shri Gaur Bihar Ashram (Mata Matha)
5- Bedi Hanuman Temple
6- Chakra Narayana Temple
7- Gandhi Park Puri
8- Shree Lokanath Temple
9- Dakhina Kali Temple Puri
10- Nrusingh Temple
More Places

Puri Beach during COVID-19 | Puri Beach Images

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