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Raghurajpur Artist Village


Raghurajpur artist village – 19/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Raghurajpur artist village Puri is best known for the hub of Pattachitra paintings and declared as heritage village. The place has an immense talent. Almost all people from this villages are born artists and masters in Pattachitra paintings. Also they train and pass this skills to next generation.

This place is located on the way to Puri from Bhubaneswar. For visit this village we have to go to Chandanpur market form Puri-Bhubaneswar NH and from Chandanpur it is located at a distance of 2KM. This small village is bit interior, but definitely worth a visit for the art lovers.

How to Reach Raghurajpur Artist village

How to Reach – Bus/Train/Cab
Distance From Puri – 10KM
Distance From Bhubaneswar – 55KM
Nearest Bus Stop – Chandanpur
Nearest Railway Station – Jankadeipur (Chandanpur)
Nearest Airport
– Bhubaneswar

One can consider Raghurajpur artist village Puri as a living museum village as most of the people of all family this village are engaged with Pattachitra paintings. This Village is worth a visit for the engraving on palm leaves and paintings. Some artists over there have won many national-level awards for their art.

All the painting here are done with free hand using natural products like canvas, palm leaves, coconut shells and glass bottles. Themes of Paintings are based on hindu deities like Krishna, Balbhadra, Subhadra, Laxmi and their stories like Krishna Raslila, Dasavatara, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.

Raghurajpur Artist Village Puri

Famous for – Patta Chitra Paintings
Paintings – Canvas , Palmleaf, Coconut Shells, Glass Bottles and Tasser Painting
Themes of paintings – Hindu deities and their stories
Known as – Heritage village
How much time required for visit – Min 2hrs

Apart from Patta chitra paintings, the village is also famous for crafts like Tasser paintings, palm leaf engraving, stone and wood carving, wooden, cow dung and paper make toys, and masks.

This village also the birth place of Odissi exponents and Guru, Kelucharan Mohapatra.

In 2000 Raghurajpur artist village Puri chosen to be developed as heritage village and developed as craft village. This village also has the distinction of the only place where the traditional decoration called Patas, used under the throne of Lord Jagannath and on the three chariots during the annual Rath Yatra festival in Puri.

Many shoes are there selling Pattachitra paintings and other works. One can buy directly from the artists as house holds are selling the same in their house. Lot of designs collection are easily available and can buy the best from them as the entire village is an art gallery. The Pattachitra paintings found here are of aesthetically high grade and of good quality.

It is the best choice for the visitors of Puri for their gift shopping here. Buying gifts much cheaper than what you get in other towns for the same collection.

We visited to the shop of Sisir Kanta Satapathy, Master Crafts Man (M:+91 9937921965 / 7008613496) and Specialist in Patta Chitra, Tasser Painting, Palmleaf Engraving, Coconut Painting etc.

Raghurajpur artist village – 19/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

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