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Ramachandi Temple


Ramachandi Temple – 4/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Ramachandi temple is 25KM distance from Puri and 5KM distance from Konark temple, located on the bank of Kushabhadra river and on the Marine drive road which is a beautiful place. Where you can find Kushabhadra river flows in to Bay of Bengal and is call as mouth of Kushabhadra, is famous for picnic spot.

Ramachandi is believed as the presiding deity of Konark and more ancient than Konark Sun temple. This is a lovely beach front temple devoted to the goddess. All the visitors to Konark generally visit this place.

Facts about Ramachandi Temple

Facts about Ramachandi Temple :
Distance from Konark Temple – 5KM
Distance from Puri – 25KM
How to Reach – Taxi/Cab
Dedicated Deity/Goddess – Maa Ramachandi
Famous For – Picnic Spot

You can Buy colorful hats from local shops selling here in chief price, also enjoy sweet and fresh coconut water.

About Goddess Ramachandi

It is learnt that goddess Ramachandi is the presiding deity of Arkakhetra Konark.

King Narasinghdev had installed Maa Ramachandi on the Sun temple complex before the construction of the Sun temple.

According to a widely prevalent legend in the locality goddess Ramachandi had be-folded Kalapahada, who had set out operation to destroy the temple in the 16th century A.D.

As per Puranic information “Mahodadhi tire Devi Harachandi Mahokta, Chandrabhaga Tire Shakhyat Ramachandi Shubhanana”.

Goddess Ramachandi the presiding deity of Konark told lord Ramachandra how to conquer Lanka after theft of Sita by Ravana here as per Banparva of Mohabharat.

History behind the temple

The history behind the construction of temple says that Kalapahada (a Muslim General, who attacked Jagannath Temple) vowed to destroy all the temples of Hindu including Jagannath temple worship during 17th century. After destroying the Sun temple, he moved ahead to destroy Ramachandi temple.

Goddess Ramachandi dressed as a Maluni (maid servant) to protect the temple, and she asked Kalapahada to wait at the door till she brings water from the river for the Goddess. After a long wait, Kalapahada entered the temple and found the throne empty. He thought that the maid took away the deity, so he followed her in anger. On reaching the bank of the Kushabhadra River, he found Goddess Ramachandi floating in the middle of the river and returned back.

A large whale skeleton is on display at the temple. The history of the Temple and details of the whale skeleton are on display at the Temple. The photos of which are placed here under. One can have a nice view of the beautiful sea and surroundings from this place.

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Ramachandi Temple – 4/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Ramachandi as a picnic spot

Ramachandi Temple and near by places of Marine drive road are best picnic spot for tourists and visitors as well as for local people. You can find a regular mass gathering here in picnic seasons. Starting from November to end of March is best consider as picnic season.

Here you can get all required utensils as rent. So no need to carry them. Vehicle parking place is available here. Park your vehicle spend some time, do some fun here. Boating complex in Ramachandi sea beach is also available. You can spend some time at sea beach with your family and enjoy boating at Ramachandi sea beach.

Don’t forget to capture best moments and photographs. You can also plane for other 50 Best places to visit in Puri while visiting in and around Puri.

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