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Sakhigopal Temple


Sakhigopal Temple – 15/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Sakhigopal Temple is known as Gopalaji temple or Sakhi Gopinath Dev or Sakhigopal Jew Temple is dedicated to Lord Gopinath. While driving towards Puri from capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar one can easily visualize Sakhigopal right side on the way about in Sakhigopal (Satyabadi) 37 km from Bhubaneswar and 23 km away from Puri on the Nation High way -316.

Exact location of this temple is on the way of Sakhigopal Temple Road, Biraramchandrapur, 2KM from Puri-Bhubaneswar NH-316 in Odisha. Visitors have not to drive over the Sakhigopal over bridge as need to cross below the over bridge to reach the temple.

Due to COVID-19, state govt had imposed 144 at Sakhigopal temple Puri (round of 200m) and restricted general access for devotees during the celebration of famous Anla Nabami for last year (2020).

Locally called by the name Sri Gopal jew temple is one of the legendary sacred place and famous for incarnation of Lord Sri Krishna the pivot point of Hindu mythology. The place is well surrounded by Bakulabana and cemetery of modern Panchasakhas (Five eminent scholars and comrades of modern Odisha).

It is a saying that one should visit to this temple to complete the pilgrimage to Puri, unless the pilgrimage to Puri is considered as not complete. Sakhigopal is also famous in Odisha Pancha Sakha, Bakula Bana and for its coconut industry.

Facts about Sakhigopal Temple Puri

Goddess Worshiped – Radha and Krishna
Location – On the way to Puri from Bhubaneswar
Puri to Sakhigopal Temple Distance – 23km from Puri and 37km from Bhubaneswar
How to Reach – Taxi/Cab
Sakhigopal Temple Timings – 06:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Famous Rituals – Anla Nabami
Other Celebrating Rituals – Dolapurnima, ChandanYatra, KartikaPurnami

Radha Pada Darshan 2022 | Anla Nabami 2022 – 13 Sep 2021

Radha Pada Darshan Sakhigopal or Anla Nabami Sakhigopal

Anla Nabami – Amidst the fair and festivals of Sri Gopinath Dev temple Anla Navami and Bada Ekadashi are famous which fall on the Odia month of Kartika (October to November). Lakhs of Hindu devotees and pilgrims through out ever corner of the country and abroad come to visit the sacred most Darshan of the two idols each year.

This is an annual festival of Sakhigopal Temple, which is associated with the practice of touching Radha’s feet. This festival is observed here with great devotion. Thousands of Hindu devotees pilgrims are allowed inside the temple to touch the goddess’s feet and they offer prayer and take Prasad on this holy occasion.

There is a saying if we visit the lotus feet of Sri Radha on Anla Navami we will get rid of rebirth cycle.

Sakhigopal Temple – 15/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Legend Behind the Temple

Very often the place has been renamed as Gupta Brundaban (the secret birth place of Lord Sri Krishna). These lies a great legend behind the incarnation of the Lord himself there.

The very name Sakhigopal has been derived from Lord Sri Krishna who once had been descended as witness on the world of a marriage proposal of his beloved devotee with a Bramhin’s daughter, who refused afterword. The devotee meditated by soul to lord Sri Krishna to descend on the earth as witness the refusal of marriage.

Soon after the Lord gave him word of consolation to be present on the spot with a condition that the devotee must not look back while walking. On the course of time the devotee proceeded his place ahead, Lord Sri Krishna in the back. He could hear the tinkling sound of his anklets and merrily proceeded towards the Bramhin’s house.

But at once the sound of anklet stopped and the devotee thought that Lord had cheated him not following him anymore. Suddenly he looked back flouted the condition of the Lord. To utter surprise the Lord stunned in to a piece of black stone. It was due to the sandy beach of river Ratnachira the sound could not be heard since the anklet buried under sand.

The news spread everywhere the Gajapati Maharaj (the King) of Puri came to learn about the incident and rushed to the spot. He could see the stone statue of Lord Sri Krishna on the sand of the Ratnachira river and built a temple there for the shrine. He became blessed and made arrangement for ritualistic.

However the legend tells an unfabulous story regarding the situation of Sri Gopaljew temple. But in fact the statue of Sri Gopaljew tends to bear the largest idol of Lord Sri Krishna in a pose of playing flute as vivid as a man himself. This is incredible, a miraculous happening indeed. Visa-a-vic the bronze statue of Sri Radha has been placed as a token of celestial love with her husband Sri Krishna.

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Both the statues are glamorous vital and provide enchantment to the pilgrims, visitors, tourists as well as devotees. That’s why thousands of tourists travel to Sakhigopal each year.

The immortal love of Sri Krishna and his wife Sri Radha is the thematic story of all Hindu mythologies. Besides Sakhigopal no where else such a vital figure of Sri Krishna and Sri Radha found in another Hindu temples. It is best depicts the depth of true love.

The embodiment of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna in various scriptures must have got inspiration in the past from these conjugal figures no doubts.

Pancha Sakha and Bakula Bana

Sakhigopal is also famous for another heritage. It is the unfathomable religious spiritual, literary, linguistic, cultural as well as political huge contribution of Pancha Sakhas to the human society. Once it had been a man making factory of modern Odisha. Britishers during their ruling tenure became astonished to see the open-air-school of Pt.Utkalmani Gopabandhu Dash and his comrades.

The another name of Sakhigopal is Satyabadi which justifies the glory of the place. Truly speaking it was a veracious place where dedication, moral values, sacrifices and service were being taught to the then disciples.

The tremendous values of human discipline were being imparted to the pupils those who have built modern Odisha. In our Odia literature one era i.e -Satyabadi Era or Satyabadi Yuga has been named after in the golden history of Odisha. It is very often told in various speeches that fragrantful camphor has been disappeared but the cotton lies here.

Every scholar who visits Sakhigopal bow down his head singing the past glory and salute to the soil touching adorably.

The coconut surrounded environment it best for Eco-tourism. More or less it is associated with Sri Jagannath cult. Hence a log of Bakula wood is send from here during car festival each year, with a procession on bullock cart for performing Sena Patta a prop of Sri Jagannath, Puri is a tradition for ever.

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