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Swargadwar Puri


Swargadwar Puri (Door to Heaven) – 9/50 Best places to visit in Puri (2022) | Visit in and Around Puri

Swargadwar Puri – Door to Heaven. Swargadwar is a name in local Odia language, means “Door to Heaven” is famous for cremation ground of Hindus. This holy place is located near at the bank of Puri sea beach called as Swargadwar beach. According to belief among Hindus, they will get access to heaven if end their life (cremation) in this holy place.

Swargadwar in Puri is consider as a holy place for Hindus. You can also plane for other 50 Best places to visit in Puri while visiting in and around Puri.

Puri Swargadwar to get its new look like Mahaprasthanama Crematorium as construction work is going on and now part of the Swargadwar is allowed for rituals.

Although a huge crowd every where around this holy place still the ghat itself is a little square of darkness and silence in the center of this worlds best tourist place. Here what we may expecting, the only lights are not those of street lights and bulbs but of the slow-burning funeral pyres.

You may feel here the presence of little crowd and tearing eyes for near and dear one any time in the year, be it the season of heavy rain, shivering cold, mid of dark night, the noon one can view the magnanimity of the place for which it is famous among all Best Tourist places to visit in Puri

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